Our Services:
  • Trucking
  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Land - Air Freight
  • Sea Freight - Land
  • Transit Cargo-Cambodia-Thailand-Vietnam-Lao and Worldwide
  • Sea - Air Freight
  • Customs Clearance & Brokerage
  • Project Cargoes
  • Personal Effects - Tourists, Individual, NGO or UN Expatriates
  • Break Bulk Cargoes
  • Diplomatic Cargoes - Foreign Embassies
  • International Courier - Worldwide Express Courier
  • Heavy Lift Cargoes
  • Agriculture Products - Import and Export such as rice and fertilizers...
  • Supporting Investors - Investment in Cambodia
  • Government Relations - All Cabinets and Ministries in Cambodia

SHA TRANSPORT EXPRESS CO., LTD is the Global Logistics and Courier Specialist legally founded and owned 100% by Cambodian shareholders registered with the Ministry of Commerce under the registration No. 6060/20P dated officially on 12 August 2002, and with the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the General Department of Taxation under VAT No. 100070248 and Patent Tax under Fiscal Tax Identification No. 203-100070248 in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

SHA TRANSPORT EXPRESS CO., LTD, the Global Logistics and Courier Specialist has worldwide network, agent and members since its inception.

  Company Scope of Business:
  A.Freight Forwarding Business :  
  • Sea-Air Transshipment
  • Air-Air Transshipment
  • Land - Air Transshipment
  • Complicated Packing and Crating
  • Transportation Service
  • Project Cargoes Management
  • Air & Sea Freight Forwarding
  • LCL Groupage Consolidation
  • LCL Groupage De-Consolidation
  • Customs Clearance / Brokerage
  • Expatriate Personal Effects Handling
  • Shipping Agency
  • Bulk-Cargoes Handling
  • Government Institutional Relations
  B. Courier Business :  
  • International Courier Service
  • Domestic Courier Service
  • Door to Door Service
  • Door to Port Service
  • On-Board Courier Service (O.B.C)
  • Free Domicile Service
  • Inbound & Outbound Courier
  • Overnight Courier Service
  Service Experiences on Main Commodities:
  • Garment and Textile Products
  • Perfume and Cosmetics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Casino Game Machines and Equipments
  • Electrical Pole Project
  • Generators and Electrical Wire
  • Oil Tank & Chemical Materials
  • Bulldozer and Excavators
  • Computer and Accessories
  • ir-conditioners and Parts
  • Books and Stationeries
  • Machineries and Parts
  • Embassies & N.G.O Cargoes
  • Household Goods & Kitchenware
  • Aid and Donation Goods
  • Aid and Donation Goods
  • Lamp, Lighting and Fan
  • Steel and Cements
  • Electronic Materials
  • Expatriate Personal Effects
  • Telecommunication Materials
  • Medical Materials & Equipment
  • Automotive, Motorbike and Bicycles
  • Agriculture and Other Products
  Facilities and Equipment  

SHA TRANSPORT EXPRESS CO., LTD has the following facilities and equipments for its operation which is sub-contract with partners in Kingdom of Cambodia :

  • 20-30 Container Trucks
  • 6 cars for Courier Operation
  • 15-75 Tons Cranes
  • 5-10 Trucks with Cranes
  • Warehouse

SHA TRANSPORT EXPRESS CO., LTD  has its own professional management and staff member who are friendly, outgoing and convenient to work with. At the presence, it can provide services for shipment or cargoes to be sent in and out of the following ports and borders:

  • International Phnom Penh Airport
  • Sihanoukville Sea Port
  • REP International Airport
  • Phnom Penh River Port
  • Bavit-Moc Bai Border (Cambodia-Vietnam)
  • Tropoeng Thlong-Samart Border (Cambodia-Vietnam)
  • Poipet-Aranyaprathet Border (Cambodia-Thailand)
  • Other Ports and Borders
  Our Vision
  We take a load off your mind by working smart and digging deep to find the best freight and courier solution, making each shipment the most important thing we do. To enrich the lives of those within our company as well as those we do business with.
  Our Mission
  • To maintain a standard of excellence that brings honor to God and inspires other
  • Honesty Based on fairness and open communication
  • Integrity in business with the purpose to prosper
  • Commitment to growth in both business and personal life
  • Humor! Have fun and not take ourselves too seriously
  • Relationships that enrich and enhance the lives of all those we work with
  • A spirit of generosity


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